In order to ensure a secure user experience, UpRizeNow is dedicated to safeguarding our users' privacy. Our privacy policy outlines your options for the use, access, and correction of your personal information as well as how your personal information is collected, used, shared, and secured. The right to be forgotten, sometimes known as the "right to erasure," applies to users. If there are no compelling reasons to keep processing personal data, the user may request that it be deleted or removed.
Users can request the deletion of their data in one of two methods. Users can email us at to make a request for the deletion of publicly available information. The data will also be removed in 72 hours if the user chooses to delete their account. The steps for manually cancelling your account and wiping your data are listed below.
· Log in to your account as a client or a candidate.

· Go to the “Account Settings” in the “Profile” section. From there, you have two choices. Account Deactivation & Account Deletion

· Press "Delete Account"

· Lastly, the application will ask for confirmation before deleting (If there are any open jobs, the user won't be able to deactivate/delete their account)

· After confirmation, the account will get deleted in 72 hours and the user will receive an email regarding account deletion.