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Our Niche:

Artificial Intelligence | Blockchain | Cloud Systems | Network Security | ServiceNow
  • Registering across US only

  • All Major and Tier 2 US Cities

  • Freelancers | OMCs | Contractors

  • Skilled candidates with valid US visa

  • US Citizens | Green Card

  • Visa's with eligibility to work with any employer

  • Minimum 1 year US work experience

  • Jr.| Sr. | Lead Developers

  • Architects | SMEs | Experts

  • Program Managers | Testing professionals

  • Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | Robotics

  • Python | Hadoop

  • Blockchain | Big Data

  • Cloud Systems

  • AWS | Azure | Google

  • Network Security | Palo Alto

  • ServiceNow

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When you succeed, we succeed. Our priority is your success.

We are committed to consistently get you greater value on your time, efforts and investments. Based on your preferences we help you with opportunity and flexibility of your preferred time, place and amount. The flexibility and control that the process provides you is unmatched across the industry.


UpRizeNow is a niche Human Cloud Marketplace.

We take pride in bringing you closer to your preferences through our online and mobile applications.

Our platforms helps - candidates, contractors or freelancers - to get the desired niche projects from companies directly and instantly.


Skilled professionals and Companies

UpRizeNow is a bridge between the skilled professionals and the companies needing them. It eradicates all middlemen and connects people with people for the purpose of recruitment directly.

Short term, part time or full time on demand requirements can be discussed between the seeker and the employer directly through the UpRizeNow online process without sharing the personal contact details.


General Registration Criteria

Freelancers / OMC / Contractors or Skilled candidates who have valid eligibility to work within the US including US Citizens, Green Card and Visa's with eligibility to work with any employer. Minimum 1 year relevant US experience and background of working with atleast one of the advertised skills including: Designations - Jr./Sr./Lead Developers, Architects, SMEs, Experts, Program Managers, etc.
Skills - Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | Blockchain | Big Data | Cloud - AWS, Azure, Google | Network Security | Python | ServiceNow

Currently available projects

  • AI/Python professionals

  • ServiceNow

  • DC, NJ, NY

  • Developers | Architects |

  • Project Managers | Admin | Testers

  • Creating a team of professionals

  • contract basis

  • 1099 or C2C

  • Initially 2 to 6 weeks

  • with possibility of converting to longer term contract

What's in it?


Spend more time with your dreams and family. Commit to assignments when you want to earn


Just like Social Media, you can create your profile and share it with your professional contacts.


You can track your account status on real time basis using in-app schedule and calculators


Get allocated automatically when there is an assignment of your choice at your preferred employer


Applying for each assignment individually? No more! Your choices make it fast and easy


Get paid instantly as soon as your timesheet is authorized by the employer

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Startups / SMEs / Employers who need staff on priority or instantly or locally who have requirements for professionals with experience in skills including:
Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | Blockchain | Big Data | Cloud - AWZ, Azure, Google | Network Security | Python | ServiceNow

What's in it?


Save your time and efforts. True freedom from multilevel recruitment process


Just like Social Media, you can create your company profile and share it with your preferred contacts


Average of less than 20 seconds to post an assignment once fully registered


You can track your department or company goals on real time basis using in-app easy solutions


Get assignment allocated automatically when a preferred candidate matches to your assignment


Automatic timesheet processing by your authorized staff. No paperwork required


Instant. Automated. Efficient.

UpRizeNow has the most time efficient process..that connects you instantly! No multiple layers!

Most other processes have multiple layers of authorizations and people interactions; however, UpRizeNow provides direct connection to seekers with companies eradicating all middlemen. For companies; they get the benefit of experienced and pre-verified skilled contractors on-demand while maintaining the key experience quality parameters, verified profiles and control on their timelines and payments.

We are backed by over 20 years of experience in technology and contract work. Our application process can substantially help you multiply your ROI (return on investment) and the ROTI (return on time invested) by saving your time.

Comparative Overview

Traditional Process Vs UpRizeNow Process

A typical traditional process includes - Company websites career pages, agencies, job boards, walk-ins, direct marketing, social media, references, documentation, internal hiring etc. Some of the very common issues faced by us of irrelevancy, time consumption and non productive calls are a result of the way the existing processes work. There is hardly anyone unaffected by the long process flows and timeline to replace or add a skilled professional.

There is no harm in these processes but it takes exceedingly huge time and the expected productivity it generates for the departments usually remains a high concern, one of the top challenges that most managers and departments face. With these issues in mind, we have created a new ingeniously developed process which aims to disrupt the way we find and search a candidate or a project in a totally new way at all levels. We have made it effective by plugging most of the traditional process gaps through our technology and experience. We have eradicated all extra steps to provide a simple but very effective process.

Seekers and companies register and UpRizeNow system delivers match. Here is an overview of what UpRizeNow process aims to deliver when compared to a traditional process.


One Stop Solution..Your desired assignments on your fingertips!

UpRizeNow web, android and IOS applications would provide you with the facility to create your profile and connect with your preferred employers immediately. We aim to register talent all across US.

To find an assignment as a contractor, you'll find yourself spending zero time on social media and zero time on job boards or third-party recruitment agencies or direct company sites. Instead you’ll just switch on the UpRizeNow website or application and find your assignment instantly.

Most process is automated. All you are left to do manually is - initial registration, creation of a requirement and mutual face to face interview; all as per your choices and preferences. Most of these steps are one time within the process but you can modify your choice anytime. All is completed within few clicks in few minutes.


Simple and really easy process

It works really fast.. step by step process.
1. Update profile
2. Update preferences
3. Complete third party check

    Registration done!
You can update your choices anytime or use any of the advanced searches Our extremely advanced search engine gives you the top 20 results based on your saved preferences
All self-managed.. instant results…no training required!
1. Have location on
2. Choose assignment
3. Talk to employer (if need be as per mutual preference) and confirm
    Assignment confirmation done!
Fully automated…no paperwork required…simple process!
1. Complete Assignment work
2. Auto generate weekly Timesheet
3. Submit Timesheet
    Get paid!


  • +1.202.951.8511 (Mon-Fri: 9am to 6pm EST)


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